Jerry Garcia, David Grisman, Tony Rice
The Pizza Tapes

review = A

Rumor has it that back iní93, a kid delivering pizza to Jerry Garciaís house swiped a cassette off the kitchen countertop. He picked a winner. The tape was a brand new recording of the Deadís guitarist polishing off a treasure chest of acoustical gems with his buddies David Grisman on mandolin and fellow guitar ace, Tony Rice. A spirited session with a freewheeling vibe and plenty-o-between song banter, copies of the tape became widely circulated among Deadheads. Then came the bootleg albums, which proliferated on the black market. Now, by popular demand, the "Official" -Pizza Tapes- are finally available. And although delivery took a lot longer than thirty minutes, they are hot, fresh and oh-so-tasty. Neatly packaged too. The jewel case looks like a little pizza box and of course the disc itself is fully loaded with pepperoni, mushrooms and anchoves. Musically, -The Pizza Tapes- deliver as well. A few of the surprise highlights - extended explorations of Gershwinís "Summertime," and the Miles Davis cool school standard, "So What," not to mention Garciaís endearing treatment of "Amazing Grace." Any way you slice it though, itís all the harmonious hyjynx between tunes, including Riceís playful "Good Humor Ice Cream truck" riff, that top off the -The Pizza Tapes- with a unique and thoroughly enjoyable home made flavor. Bon appetite!