Peggy Green
Songs of Naka Peida

review = A

Peggy Green plays guitar the way a singer sings: melodically. No strummin’ and singin’, or pickin’ and grinnin’ goin’ on here. Just the delicate, solo voice of a pedal dobro articulating the thoughts and emotions of a woman as she expresses herself in sound. That woman is Peggy Green. And she’s got a lot to say. A seasoned musician with years of performing to her credit, Green’s ethereal music is a testament to her remarkable comeback from ‘Repetitive Stress Injury’ in both hands. Listening to -Songs of Naka Peida-, you’d never guess. Written and recorded in Japan, Green took the album’s name from a fictional character she created as part of a virtual performance in cyberspace. And that’s just the start. There’s plenty more imagery behind the music. Check out Green’s website ( for all the info. Musically, the -Songs of Naka Peida- stands on its own merit -without- the extracurriculars. There’s a certain tonal quality to her rare, -pedal- dobro that captures the imagination. And her style is equally compelling. Juxtaposing liquidy phrases built with sparse note selection and lush chord transitions, Green creates a full, dreamy sound that drifts across her soundscapes like pink powder puff clouds floating over the hectic Hong Kong skyline. Exotic and soothing. Anyone interested in something beautiful to listen to, will be interested in -The Songs of Naka Peida-.