Lauan Records Present - Various Artists
Three Sets - Volume 2

review = B+

Lauan Records has a plan. Put three live sets by three jammin' bands from three different parts of the country on one CD, and watch each bands' fan base turn on to a couple of other bands they've never heard before. It's an exposure thing. The label is doing it's part to help take new music from up and coming bands out of their own hometowns and bring into a CD store near you. So far, so good. Last year's -Volume 1- featured three of the jamband scene's brightest stars: Day By the River (Athens, GA), Jiggle the Handle (Boston), and Vinyl (San Francisco). It was an impressive debut. And Volume 2 - available online at - is just as good. -Larry-, a seven piece rock squad from Austin, Texas, opens the CD with a healthy dose of harmonica driven, patchouli dipped and tie-dye wrapped barefoot boogie. Some nice 'lone star state' space too. Next up is Albany, Georgia's -Ancient Harmony-, who use all of their apx. 26 minutes on one tune, pushing the concept of extending jamming to the limit. Good dynamics and solid musicianship keeps the marathon groove interesting from start to finish. Volume 2 winds up with the hot and funky So-Cal swank of San Diego's -Wise Monkey Orchestra-. Scorching through four booty shakin', bump and grind generators, including the previously unreleased, "Movin' Free," WMO's onstage musical swagger is just as evident on CD as it is live. Once again, Lauan scores high marks for planning their work and successfully working their plan.