Keller Williams



Its impossible to imagine the sounds of Keller William's unique, high-energy finger picking style as they drip off his Blond Guild ten string guitar 's fretboard like molten musical lava. There's no way to anticipate the quirky, humorous and occasionally brilliant lyrics that are so uniquely "Keller." There's also no way to get that smile off your face once the music starts.

Williams writes and performs songs the way Salvador Dali painted, with compelling, sometimes bizarre images, windows to perception as viewed by the extraordinary mind of a creative genius. From an erudite yet toe tapping ditty about falling in love at a concert while on line for a portapotty, to life on the road in his "Blazeabago," Keller Williams is truly one of a Kind. Most of the album finds the twenty-something getting it done solo, just an articulate voice that may remind some of a young James Taylor, and out-of-this-world guitar that is a kissing cousin to Leo Kottke's distinctive stylings. The "horn without a horn" solos from betwixt William's puckered lips add a special flair to his music and the multi-tracked, acappella version of the Pink Panther Theme is simply a whopping dose of pure, unadulterated, good time ear candy. The title track is a percussion/space guitar noodle fest that conjures images of eastern mysticism and there's a couple of tracks with friends sitting in on bass and mandolin that give the album an interesting instrumental diversity. Give a listen to this amazing recording and have your head "Spun."

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