Keller Williams with the String Cheese Incident

review = A

The collaboration is a natural. Keller Williams, the world’s most amazing one man jamband, has been opening up for, and jamming with, the String Cheese Incident for some time now. Arguably the top attraction on the summer festival circuit, SCI is a Colorado based mountain grass groove generator of white hot proportions. As a backup band, SCI have become the ultimate role players - adding their distinctive personalities, virtuoso chops and road tested chemistry to William’s show.

And what a show it is. From his stunning, ten string acoustic guitar work, to the trans-cool hippie imagery dancing effortlessly throughout his exceptionally well crafted lyrics, and all the is-he-really-doing-that-with-his-mouth "flugals" in between, nobody puts on a solo musical tour de force like Keller Williams. In concert -or- in the studio, he’s truly one of a kind. Following last year’s masterpiece, -Spun-, Williams takes a mellower, more serene approach this time around. And how ‘bout that band? Put simply, listening to -Breathe- is a lush, luxurious sonic experience. Blending polytextured, easy grooves with lots of percussion, fat bass, acoustic guitars and oh-so-dreamy vocal tones, Williams has carefully drawn a warm, musical bubble bath for the spirit. Wanna take a trip to a place far away from the grind of the real world? It’s easy, all you have to do is -Breathe-. ###