Juggling Suns

Living On The Edge Of Change


Living On The Edge Of Change is a delightful glimpse into the "live" sound of Juggling Suns, a band known throughout the East Coast for its red hot concert performances. True to form, this 70 minute, eight song release burns from the opening riff to the final crescendo.

Seamlessly blending styles that range from the semi-heavy, brooding vibe of the opening track "Wicked History," to the "shake ‘yer bones boogie" of "Mountain Marlene" and "Open Road Jam," Juggling Suns go from strength to strength with a passion that radiates from the band’s extended jamming.

"Northern Lights" has the feel of a bouncy Grateful Dead tune; "Obsession" features an infectious reggae groove, while "Restless" introduces jazz and blues elements into the musical conversation. While all the songs are very good, "Tabla Rasa ’97," an eight minute instrumental, simply transcends style and is this collection’s gem. By combining Middle Eastern mysticism with a funky, sort of "2001" feel, Juggling Suns succeed in creating a hypnotic "trans" groove that is a sound all their own. Put on your dancin’ shoes before you put this one in the CD player!

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