Jiggle the Handle
Live at the Stone Coast Brewing Company

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1999 was a good year for Jiggle the Handle. No, make that a GREAT year. Relentless touring raised the collective consciousness among the jigglers - drummer Greg Vasso, Gary Backstrom on guitar and vocals, Paul Wolstencroft on keyboards, and bassist Chris Q - to a creative zenith. Eclipsing the elusive, sand-through-the-fingers type of guilty pleasure that shackles most touring bands, routinely conjuring magic onstage only to fall flat in the recording studio, the jigglers tapped into a perfect, 'loosely tight' zen state wherever they played. Recording studio included. The proof - -In it Again-, a white hot and laser sharp studio gem.

Recorded live on July 22nd, 1999, at the final show of a cross country tour, -Live at the Stone Coast Brewing Company- is the "in concert" yin to -In it Again's- studio yang. It features three songs from -In it Again-, as well six new tunes. Expanding structures and musical ideas, the jigglers navigate the familiar material into new directions without diluting the power of the compositions... the sixteen plus minute version of "Fine Line," is a prime example of what extended jamming is all about. And the new stuff is mighty fine too. Funky blues, space bop, island grooves and rockin' fusion, are all blended together in JtH's unique and constantly emerging sound. On stage or in the studio, nobody does it better than Jiggle the Handle.

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