Jiggle the Handle
In It Again

Fresh as the intoxicating possibilities of a summer romance, every track on "In It Again," is stellar... even the segues between songs are masterful. This album has got-the-flow... stylistically, the Jigglers take the jam wherever the mood strikes. And their compositions are outstanding too. From ethereal harmonies ("Everything"), shake-yer-booty disco ("Fine Line"), and jazzy sophistication ("Walking Backwards"), to steamrolling blues ("In It Again), open road rock ("The Dragon"), and mango drenched reggae ("Slow Down"), if it feels good, JtH can do it. With authority.

Creating such a powerful listening experience in the studio should come as no surprise. Put simply, Jiggle the Handle is a jamband supergroup. Founding member Gary Backstrom on guitar and vocals has been working the Jiggle gig since way back in ‘89. For years the project suffered from non stop personnel changes, surviving only because of Backstrom’s vision and determination. The current lineup began to take shape in ‘96, when drummer Greg Vasso joined Jiggle after a five year stint keeping the beat for legendary East coast band, Max Creek. Then came renowned ivory stroker, Paul Wostencroft, formerly of "Planet Be." Finally, "Q," bass player extraordinaire from "Hypnotic Clambake," one of the more exotic outfits on the jamband scene, entered the fold. That’s when the band Jiggled like never before.

"In It Again," the Boston based jam quartet’s second independent release (but its first with this lineup), serves up wise-beyond-their-years lyrics laced with a healthy dose of adventuresome psychedelia. Bottom line: "This is your life, better start living." Grooving to "In It Again," is a sure fire way to move in that direction... this is a great album. ###