Foxtrot Zulu

review = b+

Time is on Foxtrot Zuluís side. Back in the day, when the Zulus were rocking the sound proofed basement of their college dorm, they were a sloppy but lovable, high energy party band. And theyíre still lots of fun. Havenít lost any energy either. But somewhere along the line, FZ took a quantum leap as a band. No two ways about it, these guys are good. And so is this CD. -Live...- is Foxtrot Zuluís fourth release, and easily its best. Recorded in front of a hometown crowd at The Ocean Mist in Rhode Island, -Live...-, available online at Phoenix Presents, and the Home Grown Music Network, showcases foxtrot doing it what it does best - jam. Sure, the album opens with "Tears Down Tracks," a short and snappy, four minute and sixteen second horn driven happy groove, but four of the albumís nine tracks clock in at better than nine minutes, and two of those are 15 plus minute musical adventures with -no noodling-. None. Just plenty of solid grooves, including: percussion stoked ska ("Raygay Rocky"); bluesy funk ("Watchcat") the melts seamlessly into hot R&B ("Ceasefire"); spacey, electric fiddle barn dance ("The Day the Moon Crashed to the Earth"); and even a quiet little acoustic guitar sing-a-long ("Front Porch"). Over the past few years, Foxtrot Zulu has been one of the jamband sceneís hardest working bands. Obviously, the hard work has paid off.