Disco Biscuits

Uncivilized Area


Determined to feed the sweet tooth of the emerging "groove nation," the dancing baked goods from Philly have served up a hot and tasty smorgasbord with their new release on Hydrophonics Records, Uncivilized Area. This college band-gone-regional has gigged relentlessly over the past couple of years throughout the East Coast in their quest to become a household item, all the while refining the recipe that has resulted in these satisfyingly delicious and curiously invigorating musical morsels.

Elements of jazz and techno influenced rock woven into flowing arrangements allow the DB's music to glide effortlessly along sonic peaks and valleys, an exhilarating listening experience the DB's call "Trance-Fusion." The band has chops, excellent dynamics, cool chemistry and a sense of humor. Anyone into Phish, or jam bands in general, will agree, these biscuits are properly toasted and ready for mass consumption.

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