Dexter Grove
Live Without A Crowd, Volume 2

review = B+

Steve Drizos and Charley Orlando have a unique chemistry. Drizos is conga poppin’, bongo slappin’ madman - nobody beats percussion with more intensity or speed. On acoustic guitar, Orlando is a free spirited rhythm hobo who rides chord progressions like unsuspecting freight trains, jumping from one groove to the next with exhilarating, open road acrobaticism. Together as -Dexter Grove-, the two have been barnstorming America for the past several years on a never ending, cross country tour. The hard work is paying off. In addition to building a nationwide following, the Colorado based Dexters are putting out some fine music.

Don’t let the title of their new CD fool ya. -Live Without A Crowd Vol. 2- was recorded this past summer at a show from the Canyon Recreation Hall in Yellowstone Park, Wyoming. And yes, there was a crowd. No surprise. DG’s self described "acid folk" jams are meant to be experienced live. With just an acoustic guitar and percussion, as well as Orlando’s gritty vocals, DG shows are intimate affairs. And when the audience gets into the music, everything clicks onstage. That’s what happened on July 23rd, 2000. Feeding off their fans’ energy and inspired by one of nature’s most majestic settings, DG takes a toe tappin’ head trip through rainbows of sound and deep forests of passion before safely landing back at the rec. hall. Not bad for two guys, an acoustic guitar and a few drums... with or without a crowd.