Day By the River

review = b+

While they were still playing, Day By the River was among the jamband elite. They had it all - strong melodies, rich harmonies, danceable rhythms and well crafted songs. Hailing from Athens, Georgia, DBR's music reflected the southern rock influence of the Allman Brothers and Widespread Panic, without getting bogged down in any southern fried clichés. Far from it. Known for intense live shows and extended improvisational jams, DBR rocked with a stylistic diversity that made every show an adventure.

Some of those adventures are captured on Watermarks. To be exact, more than -four- hours worth. Billed by Lauan Records as the "first ever full length mp3 album," Watermarks includes 25 tracks and all sorts of enhanced CD-Rom techno toys. But the real strength here is the music itself. Recorded live with the best tracks culled from over ten different, home turf concerts down South, Watermarks is bursting at the seams with outstanding performances. Unfortunately, DBR disbanded not too long after Watermarks was released. That's more bad news for their legion of fans, who also lost Lee Laurence, when the DBR soundman passed away earlier this year in a traffic accident while the band was on tour. Watermarks can't change reality for the DBR faithful, but at least it documents this excellent band doing what they did best - making great music for its fans.