Blind Man's Sun

Of the Spheres


Blind Man's Sun deals in the big picture. You know, the universe, stuff like that. Not only the physical universe of time and space, but the universe of musical stylings too. -Of the Sphere's-, the New Jersey based six piece band's 2nd release is a double CD, just like their self titled debut. These guys just gotta have their space. As a two-hour plus audio canvass, -Of the Spheres- gives BMS plenty of room to paint their panoramic views of moodscapes from other worlds.

Specializing in sweeping epics like -The Hero's Requiem- a five-track, half-hour plus self-contained mini-marathon of genre-bouncing theatrics, BMS somehow succeeds in bringing together wildly diverse styles. From loony high-wire instrumental gymnastics tinged with odd time signature humor ala Zappa, to black-tie and tux acoustic guitar/grand piano duets, and all the zydeco, blues, funk, psychedelic rock, Broadway, techno, rap and jazz in between, BMS hasn't met a genre they can't launch into their art-rock orbit. Superb musicianship and a playful sense of drama underscore the album's endless stylistic transitions, giving -Of the Spheres- .

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