All Mighty Senators
Raw Power Live

review = B

The All Mighty Senators are fast fun. After all, with tunes like "No Clothes On," and "Booty Fresh," it’s impossible to be too serious. Not that they’d ever try. On stage the senators are a Halloween party cranked to Spinal Tap’s eleven. The AMS like to wear costumes and play loud. -Raw Power Live- is an apt title. Pulsing funked up, horn driven dance grooves, the senators are a high voltage party generator. The electricity starts with Landis Expandis, the all mighty drummer and lead vocalist who’s occasional disco falsetto and ‘shake that ass’ provocations to the crowd set the tone for the AMS’s cartoon strip brand of good time music. Usually a four piece (bass, drums, guitar, keyboard/trumpet), the senators enlisted a full horn section to round out the sound for this live CD. And while the entire band is great, it’s the guitar of Warren Boes that puts the raw power in the senator’s music. On rhythm or lead, Boes is a scorcher. -Raw Power Live- was recorded in front of a hometown crowd, at the 9:30 Club in Washington, DC, and the hot and sweaty, booty shakin’ good time had by all comes through loud and clear. Can you feel the power?

Released on the Phoenix Presents label, this CD is only available online at